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What is a Bezel Set Diamond Necklace?

There is a reason why women all over the world love the Bezel Set Diamond Necklace and it can be summed up in one phrase, “un très beau paysage.” That’s French for a beautiful landscape. Once a woman dons a bezel set diamond necklace, she becomes a beautiful landscape!

It is so amazing how a single piece of fine jewelry can have such a positive impact on a person in more ways than one. Not only does this precious gem add a special dimension to a woman’s natural beauty; it also has a way of energizing her self esteem and overall making her feel infinitely more attractive.

I’ve said this before but it bears repetition, if you desire an extraordinary and elegant accessory, you don’t have to look any further than this lovely gem set. What really necklace so special is when you use a Brilliant Cut gemstone as the centerpiece stone. The magnificent fiery sparkle of the Brilliant Cut has a way of lighting up a smile.

Now, you might be thinking or asking yourself, “What exactly is a Bezel set diamond necklace?” In general the Bezel set is one of the oldest techniques that is used for setting gemstones onto pieces of jewelry. Apart from this, most people refer to the bezel as a band of metal, molded into your desired shape that perfectly holds the gemstone in exact placement in the piece of jewelry.

Initially, the Bezel is shaped in the desired form and after that, secured onto the piece of metal. This is why it is so sturdy and most people do not lose or break these types of necklaces. After that, the gemstone of your choice is firmly fixed onto the bezel. To fix the gemstones, the jeweler applies a certain amount of pressure that permanently locks the stone into place.

The best part of this type of jewelry is that they have the capability to protect your precious gemstones from chipping, scratching and other such accidents. The Bezel set diamond necklace offers more sophisticated appearance in comparison to diamond jewelry in which the diamonds are kept in place with the help of prongs. The biggest benefit of this jewelry is that the stones in the Bezel sets are more securely and permanently fixed.

You’ll be able to wear the Bezel set diamond necklace to formal events and to casual ones as well. The person you are giving this beautiful necklace to can easily match it with a fancy dress or a casual blouse and shorts.

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