Precious Stones

Shopping Tips For a Precious Stones Necklace

A precious stones necklace can really get a lot of attention. Of course you will be choosing from rubies, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires that will be quite expensive. This is why it’s so important to really make the most of your budget and get a piece that will last. Follow a few of these ideas to really get jewelry that you love both now and well into the future.

Since these pieces are so expensive you might want to consider more of a pendant instead of a necklace. This will be a lot less expensive. If you do find an entire necklace made out of sapphires it would be thousands of dollars. However, if you go for a lower quality gemstone you might be able to really get a very bold and trendy look. These pieces will look black and almost opaque and might even be set in sterling silver. They won’t shine at all. However, it is a unique way to wear the September birthstone. At the same time, it does still give you precious stones in a very affordable manner.

You might not be able to even find one of these pieces so you may have to mix and match a few things together to get the same look. For instance, you might want to have an antique or heirloom brooch made into a pendant. You can give it a bolder look that will still be very traditional just by going with a pearl necklace instead of the typical gold chain. This is a unique way to wear jewelry that still uses materials that most people are very familiar with.

Consider the shape of the stone. Ovals or rounds are quite traditional. Pears are a little bit vintage. For a modern effect try a princess or triangular cut. This helps ensure that you’ll get a lot of wear out of the pieces that you do have.

Vintage inspired jewelry will really be a unique and less expensive way to get this kind of piece. For instance you could find a locket studded with diamonds. Since the emphasis will be on the metal work this can save you a lot of money while still giving you a piece that will get noticed. Plus it can have a lot of sentimental meaning to you and might even be something that you will pass on to your family some day. Plus, it’s a great kind of gift.

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