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Platinum Vs Diamond: Which Is Better? 

An engagement ring is a symbol of love, commitment and the longevity of the relationship with your partner and therefore, while selecting an engagement ring, you should consider and have an idea about the band design and the type and size of the stone to enhance the beauty of the ring. Nothing could be better than the combination of the strongest and durable materials: diamond and platinum for your engagement ring. These two materials are known as the best for jewelry purposes and that is why the prices are also. Today we will read about the platinum vs diamond differences to know better about these precious materials. So let us get started.

Platinum is considered as the most dense and durable metal of the Earth. It is considered as less malleable than other metals like gold, silver. White gold, etc which makes it difficult to work with this metal. Due to high durability, it is best for daily use. It has one best quality that it can hold the stones more firmly at the place than any other metal which makes it best to set up with diamond and other precious gemstones. White gold is also in demand for the purpose of the engagement rings but the drawback with white gold is that in this process the yellow gold and silver or palladium is mixed to together to form an alloy and then a layer of rhodium is plated on the white gold to give it a white finish as the rhodium is shiny white in colour. But after sometime when the ring is worn in daily routine, the white gold starts turning yellow and then you need to replate it again to get the white beautiful shine. Unlike white gold, platinum has its own natural white shine which does not fade away even on scratching.

Diamond is known for its durability and demanding material for rings. They can also retain their shine and sparkle for lives and can be worn in daily routine without any issue. They are neutral in color and that is why they can go with any material very well. This is the reason diamonds are forever. Overall, platinum vs diamond cannot be compared and both are fantastic material for a ring especially in combination. You can wear it occasionally or daily, it is totally your choice and absolutely fine as both the materials are durable in nature.

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